USB Showing Up in Device Manager & Disk Manager but No Storage Space Found

Dec 25, 2018
I have a 32GB ElSonic USB from Japan that stopped working. The indicator lights up read and the USB itself is seen in Device Manager and Disk Management utility but it says the USB has "0mb" of storage as seen below. On File Explorer, it gives me a shadow image of a USB but cannot access the drive, saying I need to insert the drive. The shadow is not there when the USB is not plugged in. Any attempt to do anything with the disk has been leading to nothing. Other forum posts havent helped too much.

-Things I've Tried-

  • Windows Troubleshooter/Error Checker (Says Windows can't access the disk)
    Command Prompt (CHKDSK, DISKPART)
    Can't Format Since No Storage is Detected
    Test USB Port with My Ext. Hard Drive (Port is Good)
    Update All Drivers
Images (Wouldn't Link Properly)