Question Usb sound card interference.


Apr 6, 2017
Good evening.
I bought a Logilink (ua0053) external sound card a few days back because i have a special setup, and the headphone cables don't reach the pc.
I am using a 10 meters long active usb cable, that has an usb hub connected to it (built into the mousepad).
There is a constant humming noice, that gets worse the farther i go with the sound card.
There is barelly any if i plug it directly to the pc, gets stronger with the usb extender, even stronger if it's connected to the hub, and it's unbearable with the rgb lights on the keyboard.
If no software is using the mic, i can plug the card anywhere, and there is barelly any interference, and almost fully gone if i unplug the mic only.

Now, i read up on it a little, and it is most likely a ground loop issue (at least i hope i managed to identify it).
I would really like to avoid using audio cable extenders, as that would add 2 additional cables to the system, and even hiding one was a challenge.
My question is. Would an usb isolator definitely resolve the issue, or the only surefire way is to get 2 audio extender cables?

Alternately, is there a way to convert my regular headset into a bluetooth one so that the microphone would work as well?
That is only if it is cheaper than just getting a wireless headset.
Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.