Question USB Sound Card recommendation?

May 20, 2022
I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 desktop. That uses the Dell Audio program instead of Realtek Audio Manager. In Realtek you can separate the front and back 3.5 audio inputs. So that when you have speakers plugged in back and headphones plugged in front - you can quickly switch between the two in the taskbar sound settings. With Dell Audio you can't do that. So your forced to plug and unplug your headphones each time. And Dell forces to you to use the Dell Audio program. You can't switch to Realtek Audio Manager.

I'd like to add a usb soundcard so that I can end up with two selections (speakers or headphones) in my taskbar sound settings. So that I can leave both plugged in all time. And be able to more easily switch between my speakers and headphones.

Will something like this work? Or does anyone have a better recommendation?

SO I can't share the copied url here. And I can't for the life me find a share button on the Amazon (desktop/chrome) page to get a better link. (WTF?!)

This is the name.

SABRENT USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play No Drivers Needed. (AU-MMSA)

Maybe you can search it in amazon? Sorry.