Question USB SPDIF not working

May 11, 2019
Hello, first time poster but long time consumer, now I have a really bizarre issue which I can't find anything about anywhere.

So, I bought a new computer to my living room, it's an Intel NUC (7i5BNHX1) which I got at an discount otherwise I would have gone with a version that has SPDIF build-in. My TV is a SONY KD-55XE7077 and my reciever is Pioneer SC-LX71.

The issues started with the reciever not detecting the HDMI signal from the NUC, which is weird but there are ways around that, which is to connect the NUC directly to the TV. The issue there is that the reciever doesn't support ARC, at least as far as I can tell, so I have to use the SPDIF OUT from the TV, that's fine with me. But the TV only routes STEREO and DTS to it, DD isn't routed by design (?!?) and 5.1 can't be configured at all. Great, so now the only option is an USB sound card, so I got one, it's the CREATIVE X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro. I hooked it up to the reciever ... and nothing. After a lot of tinkering I got it to a state where it passes a stereo sound through, though there is some weird booping sound when certain frequencies play, but there isn't any way to send a 5.1 signal as the only option seems to be DD Live which when enabled instantly disables itself. Now to the weird part of it all, DTS and DD do work. But only for the first file I open after starting the computer, than it just lags the video dropping it to like 4FPS and there is no sound whatsoever. When this happens even the tests in device properties fail. Also, the only player capable of playing them it is the Windows Movies one, any other just dosn't even try using digital and goes straight for stereo.

All drivers and bloatware that come with all the different devices are installed and up to date, I checked that like 10 times.

As you can probably guess I am out of ideas at this point so I would appriciate any help.

Thanks in advance