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Aug 31, 2013
Hi guys,
I have a USB headset and I'm trying to get a USB splitter that would allow me to plug a second USB headset in that would receive a duplicate of the sound that the first one receives. I have done this with a jack earphone connection splitter no problem in the past, but any USB 'splitter' that I find seems to just give additional ports for a totally seperate use. Could anyone advise me on this please?

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The problem is, that USB headsets act as a sound card / sound device on their own, they don't recieve an audio signal from the PC as you do when using an audio jack connected to onboard sound, which you can then split as with an audio spiltter.
Instead, USB headsets has a built-in sound card which produces the sound signal for the headset. So there's no actual sound signal comming from the PC, it is produced by the headset.

So if you plug in two USB headsets, even when using a 2-way splitter, Windows will see two different audio devices.

For the setup you described to work, you'll have to find a way for the OS to output to two different sound devices simoultaneously, if that's possible.
And a USB splitter makes no difference, you might as well plug both headsets directly into the PC USB ports.
No matter if you use a USB splitter or plug-in the headsets directly, the OS will see two different audio devices, because that is what it is.
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