Question USB Wireless connection not working

Jan 16, 2023
Hi i have an old PC which doesnt have the function to connect to the WIFI.
i have bought a USB 2.0 wireless 802.iin which came with a disc and a USB wifi enabler (apologies if im not using the correct term)
i was told to install the driver - which i did and followed the manual which is contained on the disc drive however it isnt working

When i load the computer and plug the USB in the computer recognises the USB is there however the bREALTEK USB wireless LAN utility is constantly saying it is disabled. i have gone ot device manager and ensured it is enabled but it wont change, i have checked for any updates on the driver which my computer states i have the lastest.
Therefore when i try to click network and internet settings it doesnt come up with any wifi options.
i can get WIFI in the room as a laptop and phone works but the PC wont.
When i open the Realitek usb wirleess lan utlity (dashabord) it states that disable adapter is selected - and i dont know how to permantly change this. when i unclick this an option comes up to allow virtual wifi which i select but then nothing changes.