Usb wireless network adapter won't enable (windows 7)


Dec 17, 2011
Hello all
since i first built my computer i have always used a wired connection. where i am moving to this is going to be impossible. i tried plugging in my old wireless usb receiver but it would not enable the adaptor so i assumed it was broken. I went out in purchased a second wireless usb receiver and installed it only to find it had exactly the same problem. When I look at the network adapters it is greyed out and disabled. Clicking 'enable' appears to do nothing.

both of these devices seem to work on other pics fine and my wired connection has no problem. device manager even recognises the usb receiver.

i have looked all over the forums and the Internet to find a solution for this problem and seen that it could be avg causing the problem. So I uninsulated all of my avg software and then uninstalled and reinstalled the usb receiver driver. No luck. I read somewhere that bridging the networks can help but I don't get that option.

My only solution may be drilling holes through my friends walls to pull an Ethernet cable... But I'd rather stay friends and go wireless.


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