Question Use CPE 210 as an extender


Aug 24, 2018
I have a question regarding the CPE 210 tp-link access point. I want to use it as a WiFi extender to extend my WiFi of my router which is located 100 meters away from my sister's home.
I want to use the device to my sister's home and she will extend my WiFi to her, from my router.
But I want to use only one device(In her roof).
Is it possible, is she gonna be able to receive my WiFi signal of my router ?
Thanks for any answer regarding my problem.
No way to tell. The problem is going to be how much signal gets though the walls of your house. Maybe if you put your router in the window.

Those type of devices are really designed to run in pairs or to connect to a outdoor omni type antenna. Since you have such short distance it might work but there is no way to say. You can run many kilometers when you run them in pairs.

Note you will still need something to place in your sisters house unless she plans to connect to the radio on the roof with ethernet.

This is one of those things you are just going to have to try since they are not really designed to do what you are proposing.