Question Use Host as a router for 2 VMs on a Win2008R2 VirtualBox set up

Jul 23, 2019
Hey guys,
I am currently an apprentice as an IT-Specialist.
I want to set up a similar network set up, or atleast a basic version, of the set up we have at work.

My situation:
I want to set up an Windows Server 2008 R2 and a Win7 Pro Client each on a VM via VirtualBox.
I've set up an AD/DC, an DNS-Server and a DHCP Server on the WinServer. In my current setup the WinServer has 2 network adapters running, a Host Only connection that connects the server to the client and a bridged connection with the Host. The DNS Server uses the gateway IP of the host for IP forwarding. The client only has the before mentioned Host Only connection.

My goal is that only the server has direct access to the internet via the host (that acts as a router?) while the client has no direct access and has to connect via the server to acces the internet.
I think my problem right now lies in the DNS but I can't really figure out whats wrong.
Any tips, advice or better ideas?

Thanks in advance,