Use my onboard gpu allongside my new video card


Jan 27, 2011
my comp has a 1g ondoard gpu a n my new card is 1g also. when i check in video propertiesit says there is 2g of system memory and 1g of dedicated video memory. should i disable the ondoard or leave it on, making it stronger?
Intel Core i5 2400, 4 gb DDR3-1333 ram,
2x 500 gb hdd,
485w psu,
asus p8h67-m lx mobo

Are these the specs of the pc? Then the integrated has no dedicated memory, a big fat zero. It "steals" ram to use as it's memory. Also it works completely independently from a discrete card so will not affect it. If you have no monitor in the motherboard than it is off already.
If you have 2gb of system memory then you want to diable the onboard gpu because the onboard does not have it's own memory , it uses the system memory thereby reducing the amount of system memory. The seperate video card has it's own dedicated memory on the card thereby leaving the system memory alone. You can disable the onboard video in the bios.