use new nvidia drivers on G3?


Jan 21, 2003
Im using a Asus GeForce3 Ti 200, V8200 series, asus put out their last drivers in Aug 03, the latest windows update says to use are Nvidia drivers from Oct 03, Nvidia 53.03 works with it though. Should I continue to use the newest ones Nvidia puts out? It seems Call of Duty wont work with anything lower then 53.03, says something about not being able to use opengl, get new drivers...

reason I started looking into my drivers was becaue I ran 3dmark01 yesterday and got a 6500, last time I ran it like 4 months ago i got a 7500 and noticed that was with asus 44.71a drivers. I tried installing the newest asus drivers, 45.23 as a test but anvshell.exe kept having problems when loading windows, Im assuming the newer nvidia stuff is still lurking somewhere. so at the moment Im back with nvdia 53.03


The fastest drivers for 3dmark2001se are the 4403 drivers. Those drivers also run Call of Duty fine for me. I lost over 1100 3dmarks on a Ti4200 when trying the newest drivers. I'd uninstall the current NVidia drivers, then use Det. RIP and get rid of the remains, then install the 4403's. As many here have said, those NVidia drivers tend to hang around and cause issues, even after uninstalling them from control panel.

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Sep 24, 2001
I use the latest (53.03) with my GF4. I dont care about 3dmark points personally. And would take the minor bug fixes and new features of the 50.x series over that.
I think they added custom resolutions and I dont remember if 90deg rotate was in the 40x releases or not.
Regardless, nearly any Nvidia driver release is rock solid stable and you cant go wrong with NV driver support.
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