Question Use WiFi over Ethernet for internet, but the other way around for local file sharing?


Feb 10, 2013
I have a desktop and a laptop, and I prefer 1 Gbps transfer speeds for local file sharing when my laptop's sitting on my desk.
My WiFi Router is 100 Mbps only, but is the main source of internet access.

Both systems are connected directly via LAN, 1 Gbps link speed, fixed static IP addresses and gateway. Mapped network drives work perfectly, I can stream movies and even play some non disk-heavy games which get directly accessed via LAN.

Problem starts, when both systems are also connected to the same 100 Mbps WiFi Router as well.

I had to force a high interface metric for LAN so all programs access internet over WiFi and share files via LAN. This worked well as long as both systems weren't connected to the same wifi.

As soon as they both connect to the same wifi, mapped network drives switch to being accessed through wifi router instead of LAN because of the forced high metric on LAN, and speed gets 10 times slower.

While copying files over shared network, resource monitor reports System (ntoskrnl.exe) to be the process through with data is transferred.

I don't want to use ICS or something like ForceBindIP, I want to set up PREFERENCE ONLY -- When LAN connected, share files over LAN but access internet through WiFi, otherwise use WiFi for both anyway.

Any idea how to set preference like this? Or any alternative solutions?

Here's a quick MS Paint image of what I want -

Programs like Chrome, Discord, etc to access internet through WiFi
Local file sharing through Ethernet

Use a completely different subnet for the lan network. Do not configure a gateway or dns.

It will use the wifi for everything except IP on that other subnet. You may have to be careful to use the proper IP address since both machines will have IP on both networks.