Use wifi university at 300m of distance


Jul 5, 2015
Hi at all,
i'm a student that lives 300 metres from the university. My roomate who had an internet line at his name left the house, so me and other roomates are without internet connection. I'd like to know if there is a way to catch the university wifi. On amazon there are some Parabolic Antenna for cathing wifi, but i don't know if they are good. So i'd like to know if it is possible to do something similar and what i have to buy.

Distance from home-university (330m)

Zoom of the house

Thank you very much!
You need clear line of sight between the 2 location to even attempt this. From you picture it looks like there is a huge building in the way.

Your next problem is generally you put directional equipment on both ends of these type of connections. It might work just on one end but in general it does not especially if the device you are trying to contact is inside a building.

Nobody uses just antenna anymore. The cost of outdoor directional bridges is about the same as just the antenna and you don't have to worry about expensive microwave cable. You can look at ubiquiti for equipment but I suspect it all doesn't matter since you do not have a path.