Used CCleaner on Registry - No games will start, help!


Mar 7, 2012

I know that cleaning your registry can be dangerous, but I've always sworn by CCleaner and it's always done a fantastic job. I did factory reset on my laptop back about 3 months ago, and due to the overwhelming amount of stuff that I uninstalled from the factory reset, and the amount of the stuff I installed and then removed later is I figured I would use CCleaner to clean the registry.

I scanned to make sure nothing vital got pulled up and removed, and for some stupid reason I DID NOT BACK UP THE REGISTRY...and now...whenever I start up a game, instead of the black screen coming up to start the game, a little window comes up and says:

"<Enter Game Name Here> has encountered a problem. Windows is trying to find a solution to fix the problem."

Which...of course is the most worthless statement ever, due entirely to the fact that THERE ARE NEVER ANY SOLUTIONS FOR ANYTHING!~!

Anyways, if anybody as any advice aside from a system rollback, a factory reset, or using a registry back up...then please help. Thank you!!


Don't blame ccleaner, as it basically deletes old entries. reinstall what doesn't work

I think something happened with app uninstall and not with CC as Ksiemb wrote.

U may have removed some program associated with the problem.

Maybe something like Framework or Java?

BTW, u can use to uninstall the apps the CCleaner too.

Well, good luck to you, but without a back up, u might need to reload the system or the app again.