[SOLVED] Used Computer Parts are they worth buying in 2020? (Keyboards, Mouse or Mice and or Headphones)?


Mar 2, 2017
G'Day Tom's Hardware Enthusiasts,

I have a question that might sound kinda redundant..., anyways I have 2 used mechanical keyboards both with that "mechanical" click but one is in need of a key replacement....
but I was wondering as to where I can find replacement parts to fix them,

Keyboard #1 ABS 23-224-001 works but is missing the "F" key and (buy missing, meant completely removed and cannot use "F" ) but wasn't sure as to where and find replacement key caps?

Keyboard #2 CM Storm SGK-7000-MBCM1-US works but is missing the Left "Ctrl" key, still has RGB switch but missing the key cap (Untested missing USB 3.0 Cable believe it was a USB 3.0 A to B cord)

any ideas as to where I can find Parts? Amazon?

Thanks, BladeX