Question Used Epson WF-7620 only prints blank pages (video in description)

Sep 16, 2020
Hi all,

As mentioned in the title, I bought a used Epson WF-7620. The previous owner mentioned it used to work great, but sat doing nothing for the last few months. Two of the color cartridges were empty. I believe his version 100% because as soon as I called him to ask about this problem, he said he'd come right away take it back and refund me the money.

First of all, a quick video of the problem. As you can see, it seems to be doing everything it should, you can hear normal printing sounds, but the paper comes out blank.

Here's what I currently tried, in order:

  • Printing both from the scanner and from the computer (to see if it's a scan or print problem)
  • Did all the maintenance options 3 times each: Nozzle Check, Head Cleaning and Print Head Alignment
  • Replaced the 4 ink cartridges, and yes, I did remove the yellow tape :)
  • Redid all the maintenance options 3 times each;
  • Tried to print 200 pages of B&W text, and 200 pages of color text, hoping it might "unclog" something...
I also double-checked everything mentioned here:


I'm at my wits end right now, any advice?




Letting inkjet printers sit for months at a time will always result in the printhead requiring replacement, along with all ink cartridges. Once dried out you will never be able to recover the printhead. The cost of a new printhead generally always exceeds the price of a new printer. Inkjet printers need to be used daily to keep the heads from drying out. And, you never turn them off as they need to perform periodic maintenance on the heads in order to keep them working.