Question Used gtx 1080ti or new RTX 2080 (300$ difference)

Jun 20, 2019
Hello, what would you suggest is better choice GTX 1080ti Founders Edition (last 5 days of warranty) or new MSI RTX 2080 Ventus (2 years warranty) -> RTX 2080 is 300 $ more in my country than used gtx 1080ti that I mentioned. My cpu is Ryzen 2700x ( which I might return and buy 3900x). I do not care about ray tracing. Thanks for help
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When dealing with used, I wouldn't touch it unless it comes with a decent transferable warranty of at least a year longer. Be sure to get copy of receipt/invoice. Some issues don't pop up until you use them a while.

Let me explain. Some cards will run stable stock, but are showing signs they are degrading and becoming less stable. What happens is somebody runs it hot and/or hard and they notice it's getting unstable. So they roll it down a little. It runs stable again. Then with time it becomes unstable. Then the roll down performance some more. Repeat until they decide to sell it.

Like I said, it might run fine at stock, but long term degradation is an issue.