Question Used i5-4670k or used i7-4770 non k. Same price

Feb 24, 2019
Hi there,

Looking to upgrade from my current cpu (i3-4360)
To eaither a i5-4670k or a i7-4770 non k. I have found both cpu's in local classified ads for the same price, and I'm wondering what would be better for gaming. Playing primarily Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Current set up:

Cpu:I 3-4360
MB: Z97-HD3
GPU- Rx-580
RAM- 8gb Vengeance

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, it's my first day :)


Jun 26, 2015
Well the i5 shows promise of OC but you may not be able to OC it at all, while the 4770 runs "okay-ish" at base clocks. I've had the 4770k which runs a bit faster and kept it OC most of the time. The i7 may move a bit faster overall in your OS, like 10-15% faster installing/archiving and other stuff, but in gaming, the i5 will be faster and can be overclocked to provide even more.

If you have a good cooler (I actually have a cheap 20-25 euro one) you can try to overclock and if you're lucky you will be able to gain a bit more. If you do care about your PC moving a bit faster and not just gaming maybe the i7 is more reliable.
I would personally recommend the i5 for gaming.
Feb 24, 2019
Thank you for your reply!
after some research I believe my cpu cooler is a cooler Master Hyper 212 evo. Or at least as far as I can tell. Would that support a not crazy overclock?


Nov 18, 2013
Hello, well man, I am playing Apex legends and doing some .cad work on my pc. I have my pc since 2013, which I have build by my own and It has some similar parts that I have read in your messages.
Here's my set up:
Asus Z87-K
Cooler master Hyper 212 evo
GTX 970 4Gb
8 Gb of RAM (should be at least 16 for these days, 32 would be above avarage)
1 TB, no SSD

And only today I have realised, that all the time until today my 4670-K was bottlenecking my GTX970 by more than 30 procent.
So I decided to overclock it after whole day reading all the guides and forums.

So now, I just have overclocked my old 4670-K to 4.3ghz. Running stable at 1.220V at least for now :D I went straight for the 4.3 instead of increasing it by lower steps. I have set the voltage at 1.200. At first it started without crashing, but after loging in and trying to open a few programs, programs just couldn't load. They were opening, but freezing at the loading screen and then crashing. After a few more tries to load at least something, my PC crashed with a blue screen. Then I went for 1.208V, just becouse I saw a guy with very similar kit running at that 1.208 stable. So when I got into my desktop, now I could open programs and it loaded normally. So I've tried to run a game and it crashed as soon as I was in a games lobby, again same blue screen. So I went for a 1.220V, ran a stress test, with witch I got 82 degrees on one of the cores, but it didn't crashed and after that I ran a game without any problems or crashes. So after all I think that's the most I can go for with CM 212 evo cooler. But I still think that 4.4 is reacheable and even more with a better cooler, just every chip is different, some of people barely can get stable 4.2 ghz, but other ones can go 4.6 easy, and some (I believe less than 5proc. of chips) even above 5 Ghz.
I have checked it and there is no bottleneck anymore and I have increased the performance of both, CPU and GPU. So I recommend you going with the overclockable procesor of 4670-K.