Used to be able to run BF3 now I can't


Oct 22, 2012
So my current setup is an Alienware m14x, specs below. A got BF3 a while ago, played the heck out of it then stopped for a while. I was able to play on pretty much all High settings.

Re-installed it yesterday, playing again I need to put it all on low and my laptop still runs at like 90 degrees while playing.

Nothing major happened to my laptop? Even with a cooling pad it's still pretty bad.

Any ideas? :(

On a side note, I also crashing in BF3 every game I play. It's a windows error saying it's stopped working and It just outright crashes.

A little while after crashing I get this in the battlelog RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [119000].

8gb RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 555m
intel Core i7 2.20GHz
238gb SSD Hard-drive

oh lol, good on ya, hexit. Totally missed the 90c part >.>

What Hexit said is the problem, if you're hitting such high temps, your hardware is throttling. What happened over the time that you've owned the laptop is dust built up in it's cooling vents and now it's having a detrimental effect to the cooling capability of your laptop.