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I have asked this queston several times, but no answers yet. I have three
User Accounts shown in the CP > User Accounts. My account is shown as (my
name) Computer Administrator, Password Protected & then other accts that I
have set up. In Window's Explorer all of my folders are under the Owner
Acct. (MyDocuments, ect.). (I understand now that I should not have used the
"Owner" acct.) The (my name) folders are under "Default Acct". I don't know
how or when this acct was established?? I have changed the name (my name) on
my acct (Owner) a few times trying to figure this out. It did read Owner at
one point. My question is how am I logging in now? It seems like I am
logging into the Default Acct., but all My Documents, ect are still under
Owner. Task Manager shows No Users. It used to show "Owner".
Run>USERPASSWORDS2 shows the accts I set up, Owner, Computer Administrator
and ASPNET, no (my name)?? Also what is ASPNET? That was not always in

Somebody did answer part of my question before. This is NOT the Window's
"built-in" User according to a script that was provided to me. I have always
had my computer set to show hidden files, so this "Default" Acct. should
have always been visable. I have looked in Event Viewer. Don't understand
it much, but there are a lot of failure entries for the Owner logon.
Everything under the User is N/A. Any help appreciated. I just don't get
it. :(