UserBenchmark Bad overall results

Sun Rising

Jun 11, 2017
Hello, i apology for my Bad English, and my bad Grammer.

My Components:

Mobo: ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z
CPU: AMD FX 8320 Piledriver
RAM: Kingston HypyerX Savage 1866
HDD: Sata II Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm 4 TB
OS: Windows 10 Creators Update
PSU: BeQuiet Pure Power 10 600 Watts Silver

My Problem is the Following:

HDD: My PC takes always up to 15 Minutes to fully Boot up.... 5 Min from Windows Logo to Welcome Screen, 5 Minutes from Welcome to Desktop, and additional 5 Minutes until i can fully use my PC...

Also my Task Manager, Shows me Readings 0,1 MB/s but HDD is still at 100% and Freaking out
I have also Tried to Reinstall Windows also a fresh installed windows (When nothing Except Windows is installed) my PC takes the same time to Boot up.

Gaming: Today i was checking my PC, with UserBenchmark and the Gaming Results are so Bad. it only shows 52% (Orange bar)... Games like ROTTR / GTA V / Diablo 3 / Grim Dawn dropping the FPS down to 26 from 60 / when there are just 5-8 Monsters and few Effects i was trying to lower all Settings but it didn't helped so i was asking my friend about it (he has a GTX 970) and he said me he has smooth 60 FPS on Diablo 3 and GTA V / ROTTR is also playable for him very well

Can the cause maybe the Component Combination?

because it can't be serious that i have FPS drops because a Big world with my Titan and my friend is playing smoothly with his 970 with 50-60 FPS

I already was trying everythings... also Cleaning my PC from Dust, and i also added new Thermal Paste to CPU. new Coolers / Reinstalling Windows / Reparing the HDD with chkdsk and many many other things... i don't know what to do... i hope that somebody can give me a explaination for my PC's Low performance behavior :(

My Brother has a Low Budged PC, and he is Playing GTA V with his 960 on Med / high with 40-55 FPS.

While i have on ALL LOW only 16-34 FPS.... He is also using an AMD FX... i don't understand it

Yes every Driver is Up to Date. CPU is around 37°C Idle and 48-52°C on Gaming and my GPU is around 50-73°C on Gaming...

I hope somebody can explain that Strange behavior with my Performance


So, checked your results and spotted few things you can do to increase your UserBenchmark rating and PC's performance.

1. RAM
Your RAM is running at 1600 Mhz while it's rated for 1866 Mhz. Go to BIOS and enable RAM XMP profile.

2. HDD
While HDD is best used as data storage due to the low price per GB, you will see gain in PC performance and loading times if you buy a SSD and move your OS and applications (games) there. You can leave your 4TB HDD as data storage drive. With SSD, you can measure your boot-up time in seconds and not in minutes.

One of the best performing 2.5" SSD is Samsung 850 Evo series,

3. CPU
While FX-8320 was high end back in 2012 when it was released, it's age is showing and it can struggle to keep up with the latest games.
You can upgrade your CPU and go with the best AM3+ socket CPU, a FX-9590,

Though, do note that it's just a short term fix. For long-term solution, you're looking towards new CPU-MoBo-RAM combo. Oh, new Windows license too. You can re-use the rest of components inside your PC.

It is possible that the MBR partition of your 4TB HDD is dying. That would also explain way too long boot-up times. If this is the case, SSD as a system drive would fix your problem and you can squeeze some more time out of your PC before going with the new CPU-MoBo-RAM combo.

Sun Rising

Jun 11, 2017

Thank you for your Time,

And with the HDD it could be the MBR because in the past he showed me on boot a Bluescreen and said on the First Boot up: No Boot drive found... Later: MBR Not found... but at third boot it worked correctly

I think in 2017 its time for an Upgrade, i have ordered the Samsung EVO 850 250 GB right now.
But for the Other Components i have to wait a few month... i wanna buy an CROSSHAIR VI HERO / AMD Ryzen 1700x / DDR4 2600 i hope this will fix my Issues

But for the First the SSD and immediately installing windows on it