Question UserBenchmark is skipping my graphics card


Oct 18, 2018
I just bought an Infinity O5 Laptop. It has an RTX 2060 card in it. I think it's working in games but I tried to bench it today just to see what it's like performance wise and userbenchmark wasn't testing it because there wasn't any display detected. I got the following error message

skipping nvidia rtx 2060, unable to locate attached display

I literally got this laptop brand new today. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, I've tried disabling intergrated graphics, I've fiddled with NVIDIA control panel to the best I can, (physX, setting the GPU for userbenchmark.exe) and I can't seem to figure why it's not working. Does anyone have any ideas?


Changing graphics processor to high performance Nvidia in NvidiaCP doesn't help?

Laptop's with dGpu route video through the iGpu because the screen is directly wired to it and not the graphics card.
Dump UB in a dumpster. The thing is completely whack anyways. Download cpu z/hwinfo and see if they see the graphic's card.
I agree that UserBenchmark is to be taken with a grain of salt BUT... it's a easily accessible benchmark that can run in any system and can help identify issues or point to a direction. It can also help by showing most system specs if the user does not know how to find them. You do not care so much about the percentage you get but you can see things that are problematic or configured wrong.

So, although crap, it's a tool that can help, especially in such forums.
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