Question UserBenchmark Test Zotac RTX 2070 Super Performing way below expectations (13th percentile)

Mar 29, 2020
That is 2933mhz ram. You have it overclocked to 3400mhz.
Reduce overclock.
I have reduced it back to 2933mhz could it be OC to 3200? I have OC my gpu aswell, i was testing the oc it worked with no crashes or stutters on Kombuster, It now says performing as expected. I also wanted to ask if it was ok to have a CPU overclocked aswell as your GPU or is there no need? here were the new results after the GPU overclock and RAM back to 2933mhz
Overclocking is quite tedious process. You have to do a lot of testing to determine stability of your overclock.

Personally I'm to lazy for that. And benefits usually are not worth it. Anyway - it's up to you.
Just don't complain about stability issues, when you're overclocking. It simply means, you have not tested your overclock properly.