Question Using 2 different cards in one pc

Feb 28, 2021
Sorry if this has been done to death but I have an Asus gtx1050 OC 2GB and a nondescript (KFA ?) GTX750 TI 2GB, my question is, can I run both cards on one windows 10 machine ? the reason I want to do this is to make my image editing easier (no gaming) have tried using DP on the 1050 but the quality is crap, any thought please
The issue isn't the graphics card, a 1050 is stronger computationally than the 750 Ti but this still has nothing to do with simple photo editing. The issue is either with your resolution or your windows scaling. Right click on your desktop and click on 'display settings'. What's your resolution and scaling? Preferably it should be at 1920x1080 at 100% scaling on monitors 27" and below. If your resolution is lower and the scaling is above 100%, then that's most likely the reason why your image quality is bad.


Yes you can but you need to check your motherboards specs and see what happens when you insert a card into your spare x16 slot. Usually bot will run a x8 but some motherboards have more pcie lanes and can give you two slots at x16 and other motherboards run the 2nd slot off the chipset lanes and only give you x4 (which will still work for your needs).

I know Adobe will use the cuda cores of both cards (when it's doing something that uses gpu acceleration). I have a 2060 Super and an gt1030 in my rig.