Using >2 monitors on a single nVidia card


Aug 31, 2011
I've been doing some research into new graphics cards as i'm looking for an upgrade of my 4870 512MB (on a Core 2 Quad Q9550 running on a P35 chipset mobo). I'd love to be able to upgrade my CPU, RAM and mobo at the same time, but I just can't afford it right now. I was looking at either an nVidia GTX 560 Ti/570 or an AMD 6950/6970.

As any modern card tends to have 2 DVI ports and something else as well (HDMI, DisplayPort, whatever) I was quite looking forward to being able to drag my 2nd 19" monitor back out the cupboard and have a 3 monitor setup. I'd only use the main 24" one for gaming, the others would just display the Windows desktop, IM clients and such (OK, maybe i'd put games across them as well if I could get reasonable performance ;), but mainly I just wanted the desktop space). I know this is quite easy to do with AMD, but stuff i've been reading about nVidia suggests that you can only use 2 channels at a time on the card. Can anyone confirm/deny this? Has anyone out there got 3 monitors running off a single nVidia 5xx card, and if so was it a very specific one which supported it or do they all allow it now?