Using 2 rams with different companies

anurag punk

May 3, 2012
Hello every body .

I wanted to ask you all that can i use 2 ram sticks in my pc but with different companies , right now i have a blitz 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram in my pc but i wanted to add 4 gb more to my system , so that my total ram can become 6gb but the problem is that i'm thinking about buying corsair 4gb ram so , will blitz and corsair will work together or not on my pc and is there any single stick 4gb ram from corsair because i have only one stick left and what are some other companies who produces good 4gb ram

my system specs
intel core 2 duo E7500 @ 2.93ghz
ram- 2gb
mobo - asus p5kpl am in
hdd - 320 gb .


Oct 8, 2011
Different companies work yes, but the speeds have to be the same. If you have DDR2 800MHz, then you need to get Corsair RAM that is DDR2 800MHz. But DDR3 is cheaper, so its probably not worth even buying DDR2 these days.

Does your mobo support DDR3?
Ram is sold in kits for a reason.
Ram from the same vendor and part number can be made up of differing manufacturing components over time.
Some motherboards can be very sensitive to this.
Although, I think the problem has lessened with the newer Intel chipsets. Still,
it is safer to get what you need in one kit.

You do realize that you will need a 64 bit OS to access more than 4gb, don't you?

Ram is relatively cheap these days. buy a single kit with what you need.

You want documented ram compatibility. If you should ever have a problem, you want supported ram.
Otherwise, you risk a finger pointing battle between the ram and motherboard support sites, claiming "not my problem".
One place to check is your motherboards web site.
Look for the ram QVL list. It lists all of the ram kits that have been tested with that particular motherboard.
Sometimes the QVL list is not updated after the motherboard is released.
For more current info, go to a ram vendor's web site and access their ram selection configurator.
Enter your motherboard, and you will get a list of compatible ram kits.
While today's motherboards are more tolerant of different ram, it makes sense to buy ram that is known to work and is supported.
as said the ram should really be bought as a kit, but you can get away with mixing and matching if you do it properly and make sure the speed is the same across the jedec and the timings are the same for at least the primary 4. if you can match them up exactly then even better. i recommend you go to the ram manufacturer and either find there ram stick spec sheets or email em and ask which ram they have that matches your current ram...

anurag punk

May 3, 2012
Hey i have decide to buy a ram kit of 4gb but i'm confused between whether i should buy kingston 2x2gb or corsair 2x2gb which one is better and which one has more waaranty , my budget is 40 $ .