Using 30' tube Television as Monitor

Lil Tank

Jan 16, 2012
Ok, I have an older computer with, "ATI Technolgies, 3D Rage Pro AGP 2x" and thats all it says in my Control, Display, Appearance etc. in my Default Monitor menu. I have no option to choose, "Primary Monitor" or a Secondary. What I want to be able to do is use my Citizen tube television with an S-Video port in the back of it, as my Monitor. The back of my computer does not have an S-Video Port so I purchased a cord that plugs into, where normally your Monitor does and it converts into an S-Video and Auxilary cords female ends, I picked up an S-Video cord with two male ends to finish the connection to my television with some Auxiliary cords with male ends on both sides as well. I do hear the sound of my computer through these cords out my television speakers but get no visual, just blank screen, can you help? Would GREATLY appreciate this if you can, thank you.

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