Question Using a Raspberry Pi to Automatically backup USB sticks

Jun 21, 2020
So I want to use a Raspberry pi or something like to automatically update my flash drive when I plug it in.
I Sorta did this with my laptop but I really don't use it that much. So my Idea is, at the end of the day, plug it in the raspberry pi, it auto back it up. It would also serve as a place to keep it so I cant lose it. I keep mostly random files on it but I also keep CAD models and a few gmod maps. So if the drive was lost, it would be a pain in the butt and would be nice to have a backup.

So, for one, is it possible, and two, how and what would I need?
Right now im thinking I will need a raspberry pi, a small screen, some storage medium, and a case*

What are yalls thoughts, and how could I go about this?

I am in college, for machining, so I dont want to spend too much on this.
*I might beable to forgo the screen if I could have it shine a green led when it finishes backing up
**For the case, I might just machine my own out of aluminum or something. Or something of the likes. But It would be nice if I didn't have to make it.


May 18, 2019
I think you're on the right track, though your storage is going to be your big ticket. Your coding skills, available time and patience will dictate what you can do. You might find some backup software on the internet, then it's just a matter of triggering the software when the drive is inserted. But if you can figure out how to sense the drive being plugged in, then writing the code to copy the drive is just as easy. (maybe easier with the command line command cp

Setting up the Pi requires a keyboard, mouse and monitor, but you can borrow those until you get the remote access (VNC) set up. Remote access assumes you have a regular computer you use.

Case? If you can't afford one, then use an old tuppwarian vessel or a quart yogurt container. I found that the packaging that holds the 12 pack of super glue works well. Being a machinist, I'm sure you can figure out a good way to mount the board in "repurposed" case.

Heat sinks are highly recommended.

I'd go with the LED.

Also consider buying an old computer or laptop. But again, coding skills, time and patience. (Heck, If you pay shipping plus $20, I'll send you one. but it's probably not worth it.)