Using a Vista PC for Scambaiting

Sep 20, 2018
Hi everyone

This is an odd one, but it seems that you people on here are fairly knowledgeable so I thought I'd ask.

One of my hobbies is scambaiting those tech support guys that phone you or create pop ups online. I call them, waste their time a little. Some of you might think this is a bit weird, and I grant you, it is, but it's fun to me and I like to think I'm helping occupy these guys so they can't call little old ladies and rip them off.

I used to do this a few years ago and recently I've decided I want to do it again. I've set up a Windows Vista VM in Virtualbox. This is because I have an old Vista CD and product key lying around from way back. I don't want to go and spend money on any other copy of Windows - I have this and I'm sticking with it.

I'm struggling to find a browser. Every time I click on a link in IE7 or whatever it is, I get a "security certificate" error. Firefox and Chrome refuse to install, Opera doesn't work, Pale Moon, Maxothon - everything I've tried is broken. I'm well aware that this is because official support has ended over a year ago, and browser developers are migrating away from supporting old OSs - just trying my luck here.

Does anyone know of a browser that works at least to some degree in Windows Vista in 2018?



Aug 20, 2015
Here's a browser (well, a few, actually) that still support vista (and even xp!)

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