Question Using a wireless powerline adapter in conjuction with ethernet powerline adapters


Feb 10, 2018
Due to working from home, my house is currently making use of 5 or 6 powerline adapters, with one being plugged into the router and the rest plugged into various home offices and gaming systems because the connectivity in the house is abysmal so wi-fi is off the cards. However, some of these home offices are on sides of the house where there is literally 0 wi-fi connection so have been forced to use 4G on mobile devices so I was wondering how I could fix this. We've had wifi repeaters in the house for a while but they are extremely slow due to the positioning of them and the dead spots in the house so I was wondering about wireless powerline adapters. We currently use TL-PA4010KIT AV600 adapters and I was wondering if I was to buy the TL-WPA4220 Wi-fi powerline adapter kit if they would be compatible because we only have two ethernet ports on the back of our router, both of which are in use. So, I was wondering if I'd be able to connect the ethernet powerline adapters to the master wi-fi powerline adapter with relatively no downsides.
Yes it will work if your want to do it that way.

I would not have recommended av600 units. These are basically tplink being dishonest. They just changed the names on their av500 units. They wanted to confuse people looking at the newer standard av2-600 units. Those the call av2-1000 even though the standard is av2-600 and av2-1200.

If you still have your repeaters you might be able to use them. Most repeaters can run as a simple AP. This is pretty much what those power line units are. They just have the AP built into the unit. External AP tend to work better becuase they have larger antenna. If you do not have enough ethernet ports a cheap switch will work. Note if you have a old router you can use it both as a AP and a switch plugged into your powerline units. It all depends on where the current powerline units are and if you get wifi coverage from that location.