Mar 17, 2013
I have an android tablet with a large 14-inch display (Virgin Media Telly Tablet) that I would like to re-purpose as a computer display. The thing is I need it to work as seamlessly as possible, ideally just like a TV, as I am intending to use it for a relative who has little computer knowledge. I am fine to do the initial set up for them, but after that I really need it to work with just a couple of easy steps to be any good.

I know programs for this exist, but have no knowledge of them or their set up. However, I notice most assume the Android device is a secondary display. However, I am looking to make the Android device the primary (and ideally only) display once set up, is this possible? The reason is I want to stream a game from Steam to the tablet and games generally will only output to the main display by default. The game is slow paced, so minor lag or delay is acceptable. The computer is in the same room, so will be using the game pad and keyboard from that, so I only need the tablet to be a ‘dumb’ display (with sound), I don’t need any touch functionality at all.

Ideally wireless would be best, but it may be possible to run a long USB lead as I have read that wired can be a lot smoother and higher resolution (the tablet is full HD so would be nice to use its full resolution).

Has anyone had any experience with using an Android phone or tablet as a computer display and how did you find it? Is there one program that works particularly well for this task?

So to sum up is it a practical and simple solution to use an Android device as a primary display like this for (casual) gaming, or would I be better off selling the desktop PC and saving for a low-end laptop instead and playing the games directly on the there?

Thank you in advance for any replies.