Question Using ddrescue or other cloning software for an HDD with bad sectors ?


Dec 31, 2015
hope this is the right forum section i posted on reddit as well. but i was hoping for quick reply on either forum

i have a 8tb red nas pro 7200rpm still under warranty has 3 bad sectors and says not initialized, have another 8tb wd red thats the 5640rpm model that i wanted to clone to.
tbh i dont remember which file system i used on the drive im trying to clone im assuming whatever was default...and im pretty positive i first formatted that drive on windows 10, but im not took me awhile to move from windows 7 to windows 10 and i have a bad memory. but it was working on windows 10 whether or not i first formatted on 7 or not.

wondering about dual booting as well as those data recovery cord sets.

firstly if i go dual booting with ubuntu is it better to have it on my main ssd or can i install ubuntu on 32gig or 128gig flash drive or i also have an extra samsung evo ssd.

also with those data recovery cord sets can i run this clone from a plugged in laptop or not a good idea? would those data recovery cord sets be better than dual booting ubuntu and using ddrescue or another cloning software?

shoot how do you move post to storage forum...i swear i was on storage when i initially posted this
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