Question Using headphones with mic thru a focusrite usb interface

Apr 14, 2019
Hi, i was looking to buy a focusrite usb audio interface , i want to do a bit of guitar recording etc.
I know how to set it up with a mic and guitar with monitors (dont have monitors currently) , but my question is i want to use it for gaming aswell and not sure which way to set it up.
I have a all in one headphones and mic ,the headset has a 3.5mm lead into a splitter, and i also have a soundbar, i imagine i get an adaptor for the headphones but what about the mic?
I dont stream at all, so would i leave the mic as i have it into the onboard sound on my PC or get an xlr adapter and plug it into the interface?
Also my soundbar has an line in 3.5mm and a usb, can i run the interface into the powered soundbar or will this be to much?
Thanks Mark