Question Using Large Capacity HDDs (8TB+) on older PCs via USB dock/enclosure


Feb 11, 2014
So I haven't kept up with hardware probably for the past 5+ years so I don't remember what does and doesn't work in terms of older computers and storage... I have an older Core i5 computer (I think it's an H61 chipset) and believe it MAY have a 4TB HDD limit (only used 2-3TB drives with the computer previously so I don't know for sure on the HDD limit). When using larger hard drives, like 8TB, in a USB dock, does this become an issue at al for "older" computer chipsetsl? I want to say that this board may be about 5-6 years old. Part of me thinks that the USB dock/enclosure will allow the computer to read/write to an 8TB drive as the limitation I mentioned may only be for internal drives connected directly to the board and may not be detected by the BIOS (or may be incorrectly detected). If need be, I don't mind creating smaller partitions, although I don't know if that matters ... it may be more of a concern of overall drive capacity versus the limits of the chipset.

The dock I'm using is one from Vantec (the dual-bay USB 3.0 dock):

Says it supports HDDs up to 10TB (per bay).