using non "Industry Standard" ram


Jan 11, 2006
I've purchased the Foxconn G9657MA-8KS2H - 2bG9657MA-8KS2H

And the Q6600 as well.

For the ram i picked up the OCZ OCZ2P800R22GK - Z2P800R22GK

OCZ was not on the compatibility chart so i contacted them to see if there were any updates to the list and here is their response, "We have not validated OCZ memory on any of our motherboard, due to being non-industry standard memory.

We have Corsar, SuperTalent, Kingston memory."

So my question is, what risks do i take by running non-industry standard OCZ ram? I do not plan to OC the ram because it's already faster than the bus (266 vs 400). If i did OC, it wouldn't be much faster than it is now.



Jan 18, 2007
i run non industry standard in my asus m2ne
wintec ampx ddr2-800.
the mobo reported it wrong
so i fixed it in the bios and it is fine.
i did a quick look-see on the interwebs to see about any issues with foxconn and OCZ and saw several instances where the ram speed was misreported, but adjusting it in the bios works. (what i did was lower the multiplier on my x2 6000+ from 15 to 14 and turned the fsb up to 214. so i am still runnin 3.0ghz processor, but now have ddr2-856)
i would buy the ocz. or maybe do more research on possible problems.


Nov 2, 2006
I have no idea what they mean by that unless they mean you NEED JEDEC compliant memory for that board. If your MOBO does not allow OCing options for the memory, and specifically to allow you to increase memory voltage, then you may not be able to run OCing memory, aka non-industry standard memory. OCing memory typically requires a higher voltage than the JEDEC standared 1.8v so if you cannot raise the voltage, the memory may not run or may be unstable.

The best thing to do is install and test.