Using old Sata HDD on new build with SSD


Nov 7, 2015
So I have a new build with a 125gb SSD, which isn't enough for me. Since I play a lot of games. I parted out a 1tb Sata WD HDD from a old computer, can I use that as a storage for my new build? And how would I go about doing it after plugging in the sata cable to one of the data ports on my MB and power cables inside coming from my psu after? Do I need to go into bios and do anything ? Do I need to wipe the old HDD? If so how do I do that ? (can't use old comp because it's parted out) , one of my friends say just hook it up then format the old hdd by right clicking it in My computers file explorer ? Help please and thank you, I'm a noob sorry
you just have to plug it in and it should work. when you boot for the first time, make sure you enter the bios and check that the first boot device is the ssd drive (to avoid opening up the os from the old pc).

after you're reached the os from the ssd, you can clean up the old hdd from the computer management or from file explorer, or you can keep your existing files, it won't damage your pc (unless you have any nasty viruses on the old).


If you are positive there's nothing of value on the old hdd (music, pics, videos...) then yes, quick formatting it will be the quickest option to begin using it.
You may have to do it from disk management though (run diskmgmt.msc)

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