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Using Programs from old HDD to new fresh install SSD


Mar 12, 2013
Like the title states, is this possible without re-installing the programs onto the new SSD.

Ive been reading about something called MKlink, or something similiar to junction linking or something of that sort.

I dont have alot of space on my SSD (64 GB) and my old HDD is TB, so i was hoping i could use that to store my programs and the SSD< just for important programs like AV and small essentials for the OS>

Thank You for the time....


SSD - OS and critical programs
HDD - all other applications and files.

A 64gb SSD, while a little slim, will work. My 128gb SSD currently has 58gb used. Windows 8 Pro and most of my applications installed on it.

Steam games, MS Ofice, and other stuff installed elsewhere.

It is best to reinstall, though. You can then choose what drive to install to.


Oct 9, 2006
You can use your old HDD to store your applications, but you need to reinstall them if Windows is on the SSD. The reason is that applications store files, settings, and registry keys outside of the usual Program Files folder and those are next to impossible to figure out. There can be hundreds or thousands of files and keys outside of the program folder, and there is no way to know where/what they are.

What you should do, if you haven't already, is use the HDD as a second drive, and when you reinstall the application, just do a Custom or Advanced install and point it to the HDD. You might want to create a "Program Files" folder on the HDD just to keep them in one place. Keep an eye on the progress and if it shows you what file it's writing, you may notice that it is placing files under C:\Windows\System or System32 or any other folder.



This is correct. When installing a new program, choose what drive it goes to. During installation, Default = C: = SSD. Custom or Advanced = wherever you choose (E: = your HDD)



Don't know specifically about Skyrim mods (never played it), but however you told Skyrim about them first should work the same way in the new install location.

Yes, it should work. If not, back up and regroup.