Question Using "Push To Talk" in Steam causes one-second freezes and FPS drops ?


Feb 1, 2014
Its happening in practically every game I play, day of defeat, left 4 dead, half life, counter strike. Whenever im in game, whether it be online of single player, and i press the "push to talk key" normally "F" the game freezes for one second, and i have no idea why. I've updated all my drivers, restarted steam, got the drivers specifically for my system, turned off exclusive mode in microphone properties, tried different mics, but nothing is working. I have never had this issue before, i ran a malwarebytes scan and found nothing, and windows is up to date. I see several threads of this but no solutions, what can i do?
Here's video that shows whats happening, it happens in CS 1.6 and day of defeat very badly.



Win 10 Master
it appears its actually realtek drivers and Steam

Ok I found a workaround which in any other circumstances I wouldn't have even tried by how ridiculous it sounds but I ran out of suggestions and had nothing to lose. After searching a lot if someone had the same issue I found a post in the Rocket League reddit about push to talk freezing the game for 1 second.

The last reply was someone saying that it doesn't happen to him if he has the Windows Sound window open on the recording tab. I was like you've got to be kidding me! So I opened the Sound window, changed it to the Recording tab, fired up Insurgency, went into a match, pressed the push to talk button and lo and behold. No more freezing! Does it only work on the Recording Tab? Yes it does. Alt tab out of the game, change to another tab, back in the game, press the push to talk button and freezes again!

This has got be be something with Realtek driver and Steam since it isn't happening in non Steam games.

try updating realtek Audio drivers.