Using ssd and hdd in windows 8


Dec 4, 2012
Hello All: This PC I am using now has an SSD (drive C; 60GB) where W7 and most apps are installed, and a traditional HDD (drive D; 500GB) for my applications and some applications that I "remembered" to direct here during installations. I noticed that my SSD only has 10 GB remaining after I uninstalled some programs and did some disk cleaning...

I am about to upgrade the OS to W8 Pro and I need help to assure that I will not consume the 60GB SSD I have in no time.

Please assist me to "arrange" my PC's storage system so that the OS and other important items are in Drive C/SSD and that I can still choose to install applications to drive D/HDD. I had read that "user application files (or something)" can also be moved out of Drive C?

I am simply a user who can tinker with proper instructions or guidnace and that's all I can do.

I will defer the installation of W8 until I hear from anyone who can assist me.
I apologize if the explanation of my "problem" is simplistic as this is the only way I know how. Thank you in advance.

Warm regards from Manila!




A fresh Windows 8 installation will take up the following amount of disk space:

32-bit: 16GB
64-bit: 20GB

So as long you install applications on the HDD and not the SSD (where possible) from day one, you will be okay.

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