using standard Direct TV receiver with HD dish


Nov 7, 2014
Not asking about Dish TV and Direct Tv....

Question is will a regular Direct TV receiver ( non HD receiver). work with a Dirct TV. High Deff Dish...( not the reg round or oval dish. but the HD dish )
Thank you
Ok, in that case the actual dish portion is not really relavent, you could even use a Dish netowrk or direct tv dish with no issues.

What you do need though is the proper feedhorn (end of the dish that the coax connects to). Now the HD feedhorn should still recieve the SD broadcast stations as well as the HD so it should still recieve the SD channels as well.

I am not a DirecTV installer or engineer so I make no promises, but this should work just fine; try it and find out.

DreXor akaRobert

Nov 16, 2014
The answer is YES, you can use directv standard equipment with directv HD reception equipment, the opposite is true but the HD reception equipment on a SD Dish will be restricted to SD input. The only caveat to that is SWM vs the older style connections, and the age of the reception equipment if the SD receiver in question will support the connection type of the dish.

in a simpler answer, if your standard box is new enough, it'll handle the newer dish, same with an older dish.
if it's an older box, it'll normally only handle the older dish , but in either instance there is backwards copatibility of HD dish to standard equipment.