Question Using the same Ethernet cable two different pcs have download speeds that are 10 times different

Oct 13, 2022
Hi, me and my flatmate have this issue that his speed doesn't go above 90Mbs but with my laptop connected to his ethernet cable i can reach up to 900Mbs (which is what he should also reach).
He tried to do a clean windows install too, but it didn't change anything, still stuck at 90Mbs. He also tried to start windows in safe mode, and yet again stuck at 90Mbs.
What's really weird is that i have the same motherboard with same cpu in my own room, but i reach 900Mbs while he only gets the Mbs i cited above.
If anyone knows anything of help i'd really appreciate it!
Thanks in advance!
You went to a lot of trouble but did you try the simplest thing of using a new cable.

Cables that fail will work on some machines and not others. They tend to get barely out of spec and some machines will tolerate it better than others. This is even more true if the cables are fake cables. There is a massive amount of fake cable being sold because of the price of copper metal. You want to buy a pure copper cable (no CCA) and it must have wire size 22-24 (none of that flat or thin cable). If you can't find this information in the vendor adds find another vendor. The reputable vendors know all about the fake cables and make it a point to show these specifications.
It is also many times printed on the side of the cable.

I guess you could check that there are no so called green power setting for the ethernet port. This software tries to guess the length of the cable and reduce the power, it tends to be very silly since the power savings over the lifetime of the machine is so tiny it almost can't be measured.
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