Question Using TWR and wired speakers together

Mar 28, 2019
Hi guys,
I’m looking forward to setting up a sound system at home. I’ve a new Lenovo laptop with windows 10, a basic 3.5mm jack wired subwoofer with two speakers and a TV, nothing else. I looked up online and it appears you can use 2 audio output devices at the same time for windows. I also know that there are Bluetooth speakers which are TWS (truly wireless or something) which can connect to each other to give stereo audio output when connected as a single device to, say, a phone or laptop. What I wanna know is that if I buy two TWS Bluetooth speakers and connect the to my laptop while also connecting the wired speakers, will I get surround stereo output like that of home theatre system? Obviously it won’t be that good but does this method deliver surround sound from all speakers by connecting multiple audio outputs to the laptop?
An answer and some experience would be great. Thanks!