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Info [Using UPS] Ethernet slow / timing out, but WiFi works perfectly


Jun 10, 2021
Odd issue, and if you try googling something like the title, you'll see almost every article with the exact opposite problem. Wireless generally has all the problems, but not ethernet. Well mine decided to take a dump on me last night, took a while, but I figured it out.

This may be uncommon, but if you're running your ethernet through a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), you're going to have two ethernet cables. The main one that runs from your router / gateway to the UPS, and then another short one that runs from your UPS to your computer.

In my case, the short ethernet cable was faulty. Connected my computer to the main ethernet line, bypassing the UPS, and it worked fine afterwards.

Just and FYI for anyone else with the same setup. I tried every software fix known to man before it dawned on me. Hopefully this saves someone else out there the headache and embarrassment of not thinking of it sooner.