Question Using Verizon mobile hotspot to control security cameras-Problem remote management

Jun 23, 2021
I want to use my Verizon (Visible) account for a mobile hotspot. I can connect my cameras to my existing router (Xfinity) so I am sure I can connect them to the hotspot. What I can’t determine is how to remote manage the mobile hotspot if we lose connection for some reason. Right now, I have lost connection to My Xfinity network and there is no way to troubleshoot the problem so I am forced to return and replace the existing network with something more reliable than Xfinity. I don’t want this thread to be about Xfinity and cable but solely about mobile wireless hotspots. How do I find the IP address of the hotspot without an intermediary server? Which hotspot devices provide the best remote control. I am sure someone has done this so please help me out.
Pretty much you can't do it and I suspect since the visible service is a "value" service it is even more unlikely.

Almost all cellphones and really any mobile data device do not get assigned public IP addresses. The ISP uses private IP and NAT. You share the public IP with other users. This means you can not have any form of incoming because the IP address is not mapped to your hotspot.

In some cases you can buy a public IP. Not sure if verizon offers that but it is extremely unlikely the visible plan does since it is likely close to the cost of the plan.

You could I suppose use a VPN and get a fixed public IP. You could setup a router to switch between the 2 internet connections and since the VPN is the same you would keep the same IP.

Be aware there is a fairly low data limit on any form of hotspot usage.