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Question Using windows firewall to block all traffic but the bare minimum?


Aug 8, 2017

after a desaterous deinstallation of Comodo Firewall (bluescreen!! followed by a windows reinstall) I did reinstall Windows 10 and would like to set the internal windows defender firewall up in a way that it blocks ALL internet access via wifi except Firefox and Thunderbird.

I managed to define a global rule blocking all incoming traffic and another one blocking all outgoing traffic.
Now I'd like to set my two exceptions and the bare minimum windows services they need to work.

I do not want to block each app individually, as I do want to stop all of them (including windows background services talking to Redmond) but a few. Blocking each app individually would take forever.

Which are the bare minimum windows apps/services I'd need to set exceptions for besides thunderbird & firebird exe?

I do NOT want ANY other services or apps (like update services or other) to create traffic when connected to one specific wifi network.
Ideally the rule would not apply when connected to other wifi networks.

I am on a costly wifi connection and do not want a huge phone bill.

After the desaster with Comodo I prefer a solution with Windows 10 Pro (latest release) onboard tools.

Thanks so much, Fran
if its just for single wifi, u can set your paid wifi as public and rest as private in network options
that should be easier to rule out incomming/outgoing connection when connected to public wifi
taskbar -> click network there, right click your wifi and settings will pop up where u can set you network as public/private and for your paid wifi is also recommended to set it as metered connection there
once your networks done as public or private
go to firewall settings, click on public network and disable all incomming connections
then click start button and type "allow an app through windows firewall"
open that suggested app and once you click change settings, u will be able to change internet access on public/private network easily
as far as core apps goes, if something wont work after on your paid wifi, then its not hard to enable it later on
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