UT 2003 Demo CRAP


People hate doing it because it takes a long time to set up alot of programs.

And because I don't think it's necessary in most cases, especially with XP.

You should be able to clean out old drivers if there's a problem. That, and run adaware/spybot at least once a month, and reinstalls are pretty much a waste of time.

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Dec 31, 2007
I don't recall if UT2K3 has a Safe start option but if it does give it a try. It should redetect your video card.

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May 26, 2003
I just went from a ti 4600 to the 9800 pro and have no probs with my games. You just have to do it right or all hell breaks loose. You must uninstall the drivers for the old card before turning the machine off and plugin the new one. Faliure to do that will lead to funky game play.

In your case try reinstalling the demo. UT2003 is a very picky program and I have nothing but hell with it when I OCed my rig till that latest patch.

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