Question Utilisation and temps are all low when gaming. How can I improve performance?

Oct 28, 2020
Hey guys, I have a problem with my laptop. While gaming I can't maintain 60 FPS, but the diagnostics seem fine.

My CPU temps are around 70 and my CPU utilisation 50-60. Also, in XTU it says power limit throttling YES. Additionally, it doesn't boost, but remains at base clock speed. (i7-7700HQ)

My GPU temps are 65 average and utilisation 50-60. (GTX 1050TI)

I mainly play Destiny 2. I have no idea how to improve performance, but I feel like I can get more out of my laptop. (DELL Inspirion 15 7000)

Please let me know if there's anything I can do. Thanks!
My GPU temps are 65 average and utilisation 50-60. (GTX 1050TI)
My gaming performance knowledge is limited to non-existent in the case of Intel CPU's but I suspect that GPU just isn't enough to make the CPU breathe all that hard.

Try turning down settings in the game or running at a very low resolution. If CPU utilization picks up considerably that would serve to confirm it.
Gaming laptops are notorious for having performance and heat issues.
That is because a laptop will have a small and light cooling system that is not particularly efficient.
When the processor gets too hot(100c. for Intel) it will slow down(throttle) to protect itself from damage.
This results in lower performance or stuttering until the temperature recovers and the cycle repeats.
Run HWmonitor. It will record current, minimum, and maximum temperatures.
If you see 100c. on an intel processor, you have throttled at some point.
What can be done??
Really not much except to keep the cooling airways clear.
One possible strategy is to reduce the maximum cpu performance from 100% to 90%
This is done in windows power management options.