Question V-sync on but not a stable 60 fps

Nov 28, 2018
when playing games like fortnite with out vsync on i get 80-120fps late game i will recieve drastic frame drops 40fps round about. i tried to put vsync on but it does not cap at a constant 60fps.
it will fluctuate between 40-60, i also capped it to 60 fps still not costant help


There's not a lot to go on with your post so please list system specs as follows and share as much information possible.

Cpu + cooler


Ram - capacity, speed and how many sticks and which slots.

Graphics card and driver version and how driver was installed.

Storage hdd/ssd - include where Windows is installed to and how much space is left.

Power supply - include brand, model & wattage


Windows version - include if upgrade or fresh install.

Monitor resolution and Hertz

Include information regarding background running applications. Such as if you leave Chrome running or use Geforce Experience if you're running Nvidia.

Share too on temperature conditions in regards to cpu, gpu at idle & full loads and room ambient temps.


Cpu isn't keeping up im afraid. With no vsync, minimum fps results 40fps as you say and other areas fps can be higher until busier scenes. With vsync on, fps is capped to a maximum of 60fps in accordance to your monitor's refresh rate of 60Hz but this still wont hide minimum fps.

Time to upgrade.

Ryzen 2600, b450 motherboard, 2x 8GB 2400MHz would be a good start.

I would have suggested a more powerful graphics card as 1050 is really only entry level but the x4 845 is lucky to utilise a 1050 3/4 of the way so id start with a cpu & motherboard upgrade first.
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