Question V8.0 EXP GDC Beast Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock

Jul 28, 2020
If I'm looking to buy a compatible laptop to use with a beast external graphics card adapter, which port provides the best transfer rate? Given these are specific to each laptop, but some are newer technologies, would the latest port type be better than the oldest? Is a mini PCI-E port better than a NGFF, Expresscard better than an M.2 version of the EXP GDC Beast, which port offers the least bottlenecking of the GPU if the same GPU was used with each of the different types of adapters and each PC had a similar spec of ram and CPU?


You won't find pcs with mpcie or expresscard as they are old and were phased out. It makes absolutely no sense at all to buy a laptop to get an egpu. You can get one with a built in gpu for less money, better performance, less issues, maintain mobility, less power, etc etc. The only reason for an egpu is for an older laptop you already have and don't mind wasting money on a diy pseudo desktop setup (unless you already have a spare psu, gpu and monitor). Also that adapter is more expensive than other ones you can find. No one buys them anymore unless they read an old article.

NGFF=M.2. This could run at x4 so are faster. It is most likely pcie 3.0.
Mpcie and expresscard are x1 so are slower. They are most likely pcie 2.0.