Question VA Panel 165hz 1ms (G27C5) Vs IPS Panel 144hz 5ms (LG 27GL63T-B)


Sep 28, 2018
I recently bought a MSI G27C5 27' 1080p VA Panel 165hz monitor and I'm having good experience with it in games, but a terrible experience for normal browsing as the ghosting / black smearing is very bad. It makes my eyes hurt, but I guess these issues should be expected for most VA Panels. Now I'm thinking of returning this monitor and replacing it with the LG 27GL63T-B 27' 1080p IPS Panel 144hz, will there be a big difference between the 165hz / 144hz? Will there still be a lot of ghosting, slow dark pixel transitions, black smearing, blurry text when scrolling? Colour accuracy? Is 1ms Response time different from 5ms?

Note: I'm currently only playing ROBLOX as that is the only game my system can run on Ultra with 200+ FPS, not playing any AAA titles with the monitors until I get my RX 5700 XT upgrade which will be more than enough to run Ultra Settings 100+ FPS.